About us

Our History

From humble beginnings, InterHealth Worldwide has grown into what we are today; a pioneering international health charity.

Originating as the Missionaries and Volunteers Health Service (MVHS), we launched in 1989 to support the health and wellbeing of all those travelling to make the world a better fairer and safer place.

Mildmay Hospital Doctors, Veronica Moss and Marjory Foyle, together with nurse-secretary Jane Ryman  initiated  MVHS in 1986. Dr Ted Lankester joined the team in 1988, taking over as Director of InterHealth while Veronica took over the leadership of the Mildmay Hospital.

Marjory Foyle was an expert in the psychological health of missionaries and expatriates, and Veronica had spent a number of years in India as a Doctor. Ted had just spent eight years in the Himalayas working with vulnerable communities and caring for a variety of international expatriates.

The team of three was committed to the health needs of a wide range of people, who had one thing in common: a passion to serve others, often at the cost of looking after their own health and wellbeing.

Finding ways of preventing and managing ill-health more effectively was a core part of InterHealth’s original mission.

Twenty five years later, we remain committed to these core values.

Up until 2013 we were proud to have Veronica Moss as Chairman of our Board, and Ted Lankester continues to head up our clinical team as Director of Health Services.

Developing our unique approach to healthcare

Right from the start, InterHealth recognised that an integrated approach, combining an understanding of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing was essential for those living in remote, difficult or dangerous locations.

Forming a proactive and preventative integrated health service

Throughout the nineties, InterHealth continued to build on this unique, integrated approach to healthcare, and formed dedicated medical, psychological, travel health and occupational health teams.

Today we continue to support relief, development, mission workers, volunteers, UK charity workers using this approach. Preparing and sustaining the health and wellbeing, and providing aftercare to the increasingly wide range of those working internationally remains our focus, helped by the use of information technology to increase our reach to people all over the world.