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Psychological Health Support

Boost the resilience of your staff and volunteers

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Staff health and wellbeing is central to the capacity of any organisation. Our emphasis is on empowering and facilitating people to understand themselves, to cultivate resilience and where possible to promote their recovery to full psychological health.

Our Psychological Health service focuses on boosting the resilience of people working in relief, development and mission so that they can carry out their work effectively.

It is normal for people working for relief, development and mission organisations to face experiences that have a psychological, emotional and spiritual impact on them. Many physical symptoms are manifestations of stress, anxiety and fatigue and can be prevented and managed effectively if people have more knowledge at their fingertips.

Psychological Preparation
We will highlight any safety critical issues to organisations and provide an opportunity for personal reflection on resilience competencies. Our approach is tailored to different staff groups.

Psychological support helps some individuals to manage work related or personal stress and anxiety. We support people with depression and other psychological conditions impeding their functioning, personal wellbeing, and their ability to do their job.

After assignment we review an individual’s experience to see if any work-life balance issues have arisen after being exposed to traumatic incidents.

If you have any questions about our psychological health service please call our client services team on +44 (0) 20 7902 9000.