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Travel Health Support

Travelling anywhere – at home or internationally involves a certain level of risk to your health and safety.

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Our nursing team brief thousands of individuals every year in how to avoid preventable illness and injury, so that international workers and volunteers are up to date with vaccinations, fully informed about how to stay safe and well on assignment and know how to access necessary travel supplies, making them ready to go wherever they are needed in the world.


  • Individuals are well briefed about how to avoid preventable illness and accidents, and prepared with vaccines needed for worldwide travel so readily deployable, and aware of what travel supplies are needed and how to obtain them.
  • Comprehensive health guidance and information is available (face to face, online and phone)
  • Advice about food and water sanitation, and good hand hygiene
  • Recommended vaccinations and antimalarials, taking into account the most recent outbreak news and the nature of travel
  • Specially assembled kits, including first-aid, physical assault kits, and stand by diarrhoea and malaria treatment kits.


  • Comprehensive health guidance and information (face to face, online and phone)
  • Online support is available anywhere in the world through a personalised and confidential health portal called MyHealth, accessible 24/7.


Over 4,000 people had a face to face travel health consultation in London with our nurses in 2012. They received pre-assignment travel health advice, vaccinations and relevant travel health supplies and medicines.

Over 50% of the people we support are helped remotely in rural locations far from medical support

If you have any questions about our Travel Health service please call our client services team on +44 (0) 20 7902 9000.