About us



AMAK Organisational Psychologists LLP is a consultancy passionate about individual and organisational development. They specialise in coaching programmes and leadership training. In 2012, we began collaborating with AMAK Organisational Psychologists LLP on supporting individuals at their workplace through work coaching. Coaching is a new service that AMAK Organisational Psychologists LLP offer in order to enhance individual’s performance or to tackle a specific work related issue.



In 2011 we began to build a strategic partnership with Amani Counselling Centre. Through our partnership we have co-delivered training programmes in Nairobi and Nigeria, co-facilitated conferences in Bangkok and Nairobi and co-led a joint funded professional development conference for Amani. We look forward to continuing our partnership through the developments on the East Africa Regional Hub.



Since 2007 InterHealth has been a key member of the global GeoSentinel network, a collaboration between the International Society of Travel Medicine and the US and European Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. This network of travel and tropical medicine clinics monitors geographic and temporal trends in travel-related illness, and aims to detect emerging infectious diseases. InterHealth is uniquely placed to collect information on the travel, occupational and psychological health issues experienced by travellers in the mission and humanitarian sectors.


Headington Institute

The Headington Institute strengthens humanitarian organizations by promoting the wellbeing of their staff, making us a partner in worldwide humanitarian work.

In 2009 InterHealth and The Headington Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together to meet our joint aims of supporting the health and wellbeing of relief and development workers focussing on their physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health. We have since then delivered shared training programmes and collaborated on sharing information.


Membercare Media

Member Care Media (MCM) is a media ministry of TWR (www.twr.org) specially prepared for cross-cultural workers whose obedience to the Great Commission has taken them to difficult regions. We are collaborating with Member Care Media (MCM) to produce podcasts relevant to the health and wellbeing of mission and relief and development workers pertaining to both their physical and psychological health. Currently we are producing 50 podcasts focussed for the international aid worker and subsequently we aim to produce further material aimed for the national staff employed by agencies.


Mission Together Africa

Mission Together Africa (MTA) is a mission initiative seeking to catalyse mission movement in Africa through networking, connecting and sharing of resources. In 2012 InterHealth and Amani Counselling Centre signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Mission Together Africa to provide expertise in health and wellbeing support to assist them serve the Kenyan Church and Kenyan Mission Organisations.



RedR UK is an international charity that improves the effectiveness of disaster relief, helping rebuild the lives of those affected by disasters by training relief workers and providing skilled professionals to humanitarian programmes worldwide.

In 2011, we began collaborating with RedR UK on an integrated approach to field training that creatively explores the critical relationship between physical security and psychosocial wellbeing including joint training programmes. We are also in partnership with RedR UK in Kenya and look forward to deepening this relationship as we establish our East Africa Regional Hub.