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Advice for families

Be assured that throughout your visit we seek to be responsive to your needs as a family. We hope these tips will help your visit to InterHealth run more smoothly and be as enjoyable and safe as possible for you and your children.

  • Our relaxed and supportive environment offers a friendly children’s waiting area with books and toys. Although please do feel free to bring your own toys and entertainment for your children.
  • If at all possible bring with you a friend or relative who can look after the children when you are undergoing your appointment.
  • It is your responsibility to supervise your children while they are on the premises at InterHealth. Therefore they should be accompanied at all times to ensure their safety.
  • Complete any necessary forms including those of the children before you arrive for your appointments – this significantly reduces the pressure on you as a family during your stay. Please bring parent-held child records for each of your children so that we can check their immunisation history and other relevant information.
  • Please make use of the nappy changing facilities and a potty which are situated in the InterHealth toilet.
  • Reassure your children that we seek as far as possible to ensure that their time at InterHealth is as pleasant and as enjoyable as possible. We will only take blood samples where absolutely necessary using local anaesthetic gel to minimise the discomfort if required.

Be assured that throughout your visit we seek to be responsive to your needs as a family and so please do not hesitate to ask for anything you might need in advance.