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Medical Tests

In the course of having a medical at InterHealth, you are likely to be offered tests. These tests are necessary for gaining medical clearance for the majority of international assignments and to provide a thorough assessment of wellbeing at the end of an assignment.

It is not possible to estimate additional test costs in advance of your medical. If you are concerned about test costs you should discuss these concerns with the doctor during your medical.

InterHealth's standard test package is included in the price of all face to face medicals apart from Short Consultation. For full prices please download our medical services and price list.


Please read the information below carefully to understand what tests we do routinely as part of good practice or because of special circumstances:

  • Standard Test Packages - Routine tests carried out alongside medicals apart from Short Consultation. 
  • Additional Standard Tests - Additional tests carried out based on variables (e.g. age, knowledge of blood group, exposure to special health risks abroad such as Bilharzia).
  • Extra Tests - Tests based on special concerns, in particular as follow ups to routine tests which come back as abnormal and therefore need special follow up.

Standard Test Packages

In line with good practice in travel medicine, our clinicians will routinely initiate a full set of standard blood tests for patients travelling for a Pre Assignment Medical or a Mid/End  Assignment Health Review.

The standard test package includes:

  • Full blood count (white blood cell count, haemoglobin, platelets & ESR)
  • Liver & kidney tests
  • Cholesterol check 
  • Blood sugar level 
  • Thyroid function tests (for women only)

Additional Standard Tests

As well as the standard test packages, the following standard individual tests may be initiated as part of the routine medical clearance process:

Prostate Screening

For men over the age of 45 years and with the permission of the patient, our clinicians will run a prostate screening test as standard practice.

Blood grouping

If an individual is not certain of their blood group and is travelling on an international assignment, it is standard practice to check their blood group.

Hepatitis B immunity

For those going on international assignments and who are not sure of their Hepatitis B immunity, we may recommend an immunity test. This will be decided through consultation between the patient and our nursing team.

Extra Tests

We offer a comprehensive range of tests on both tropical diseases and other relevant medical problems through the outstanding laboratory in central London, with whom we have a special relationship with discounted prices.

Normally we would encourage clients to see their GP for additional tests but where they do not have easy access to a GP, are in a hurry, or where there is likely to be a tropical problem, such as a parasitic illness, we would normally arrange these. Typical tropical tests we would run post-assignment, if clinically indicated, include Malaria parasites (MALP), Biharzia testing (BILH), stool for parasites (OCP).

HIV tests

Finally, a significant number of travellers return with concerns about HIV, we recommend treatments for HIV including Emtricitabine (via or other sexually transmitted infections. Our STI screening service can be provided to any individual coming in for a medical. For HIV tests this screening service is beneficial within 12 to 24 hours.