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Event: Psychotherapy in the presence of God

03 May 2013

Join us on the 20th June 2013, 5.30pm – 7pm

"Unless you have been in psychotherapy yourself it may seem a bit mysterious.  You’ve probably heard of Freud but what has it got to do with my life today?  And for people of any kind of religious faith there is often a suspicion that psychotherapy might be in opposition to faith and might spoil it or rob me of it somehow. 

And people also worry about what a psychotherapist working for a Christian charity might do to them. Judge them, reject them, brain wash them, preach to them. 

These worries are additional to the concerns about making ourselves vulnerable, about the expense and about all the horror stories about bad therapy."

Annie Hargrave is InterHealth Director of Psychological Health Services and she welcomes you to the psychotherapy room.  Stepping in needs courage and faith.  Psychotherapy is a journey of faith, one step at a time and you don’t know exactly where you are going. Believing it’s worth while, taking it on trust, not knowing what might be discovered. What people don’t think about quite so much is that it also takes courage and faith on the part of the psychotherapist – who must both step in, in faith, while at the same time taking professional responsibility for the safety and dignity of the one s/he is working with.

Annie, who is a person of religious faith herself, will reflect on what her professional life as a psychotherapist means to her. As you listen you are invited to think about your own work, your beliefs and the way you live.

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We suggest a £10 contribution for this event. Donations will go towards our work supporting East African Missionaries and humanitarian workers. 

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