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Support for your organisation

Since 1989 we have been working alongside organisations to minimise preventable ill health and stress through excellent staff care.

Your staff are the most valuable resource in relief, development and mission. We believe that by working together, we can arrange preparation and support, to sustain the health and wellbeing of your staff, as well as important aftercare, enabling them to achieve your organisation’s desired objectives.

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Assess the physical and mental health of your staff in preparation for work

Sound preparation helps to identify potential health risks early, meaning that they are less likely to be encountered mid project. Individuals are assessed based on their job, associated tasks and related travel.


Help sustain the health and wellbeing of your staff during their work

Provide your staff around the world with access to support services so they can receive help on psychological, medical or travel health issues. Don’t let ill-health reduce the effectiveness of your organisation.


Support the health of your staff after they have finished their role

This important area of staff care is commonly neglected. Discontinuing care at this crucial time can cause stress for returning staff. It can also give off the unintended message that they are seen as “disposable assets” to you when they’ve completed the job!

Ideally all staff returning from any significant time in resource poor or insecure environments should have a medical check-up and an opportunity for a confidential review.